Cheap International Calls With Buzport’s Super Low Rates!

Buzport’s unique technology gives you the ability to make cheap international calls without compromising the quality or the experience.

How Can We Offer Such Low Rates?

Using the internet in conjunction with local providers to patch the call through, significantly cuts down the cost of making international calls. For full details about the technology behind our VoIP service please see How Buzport Works.

This way you always end up paying the lowest amount without getting charged long-distance rates like it was in the past.

Your rate will depend on where you’re calling from and where you’re calling to.

By partnering with a large number of local providers around the world, Buzport ensures you always pay the least amount.

Check out our Rate Calculator below to see what you’ll pay with Buzport when making international calls.

Call Cost Calculator

(please select both FROM and TO destinations)

Calling FROM:


Calling TO:


Cost per minute: $0 (US$)


Please note that if you are calling from a computer using one of the free internet messengers, or your calling destination is such phone, then the corresponding cost is $0. And yes, this means that you can use Buzport to call mobiles or landlines from an internet phone.

You also have the option of using the internet messenger to connect with others, right from your Buzport account.

If your Origin or/and Destination are free internet phones or messengers like SIP, Skype, GTalk, Yahoo, ICQ, please tick off the “Internet phone” radio button in the above calculator. See how you can use internet messengers with Buzport to enjoy much lower connection rates.

New Buzport accounts come pre-loaded with some test you instantly use free of charge.